Your Steps Toward Becoming a Good Project Management Professional

Some of you are interested in changing careers and becoming project management professionals. Some of you have asked me questions wanting to understand the best way forward. I’m not sure which way is the best, but I can share what I know. Most people easily enter the PM profession by first becoming project coordinators.

I am going to share with you some of the skills you should possess as a project coordinator. Keep reading!

“One day in the life of a project coordinators, as they are generally called, can go from being very slow to becoming very hectic and challenging.

First of all, what is expected of a project coordinators? How can you know that you have the skills to become a successful project coordinators? Most say that becoming a project coordinators and maintaining that position is an important step towards becoming an experienced PM. Do we all agree on that? If you disagree with me, I like you because you will always have the opportunity to share your opinions on the comment page.

A PC is like a gatekeeper for a project manager or program manager, and one of the most recommended skills is “organization”. Once you have this ability, you will be aware of what goes in, how they go in and what goes out and why they go out.

Another key skill that will get you places is both verbal and written “communication”. As a PC, you may find yourself taking meeting minutes, creating status reports, communicating with executive members, or chairing / facilitating meetings. Do you have the skills to carry out these functions? If you’re still interested, you can start working on those skills.

Do you understand how finance works in business? Are you familiar with project management finances? Can you manage a spreadsheet with actual data and ETC? Can that person be the one that everyone can turn to for an explanation of why some financial figures may not be adding up? Yes! sometimes as a PC you act as that special eye for your computer. That person who should understand before something goes wrong, being proactive and creative will help you help your team. If you don’t have these skills, you can still improve by taking a few classes or teaching yourself.

Personally, I believe that working as a project coordinators can do two things for you professionally: It can give you the proper exposure to become a PM, or it can give you closure that the PM position is not for you.

If you’ve been thinking about the project management profession lately, you can start by working to become a project / program coordinator. The latter is a better way to start and you can gradually build on a program that is more challenging.

Simply put, a successful project / program coordinator must be trustworthy.

While playing the role of a project coordinators, use your time wisely, learn from your fellow project managers. You have access to valuable information, your challenges and successes will become great learning opportunities for you.

If you have a project coordinators, please drop a note and share some of your challenges and successes as a project coordinators.

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