Why We Are Not Getting Results? 11 Ways to Achieve Team Goals

“We are not getting results.

What is going wrong? It has been a month past our deadline and still, we are nowhere near the end” said one of the newly appointed COO to his team. Well achieving results from your team are one of the fundamental leadership skills. It may require years of experience and patience but over the period of time, the knowledge and experience that I have gathered from myself and other leaders lead to these basic fundamentals on achieving results from the team. All the great leaders in the world follow these 11 fundamentals to get the best out of their team.

Set Team Goals and Short Term Goals

Set clear, measurable, achievable, specific and short term goals. Goals must be well communicated to the team. Each team member should have their target set on what has to be achieved within a deadline. Team goals should be challenging. Strict Deadlines and short term goals could play a very crucial role in making the goals challenging.

Assign Sub Tasks

2 years ago, I used to assign tasks as a whole to my team and every time I used to end with disappointments. I realized the fault in the way of distributing tasks. I started dividing my tasks further into smaller tasks. You are a leader therefore in a better position to do strategic things better than others so keep this process of dividing tasks into smaller tasks directly under your nose

Assign Tasks according to strength

Every team member has its own strength. Assigning tasks according to strength becomes very easy if the strength of team members is known but how could you know their strengths? By assigning tasks. Yes! Assign them tasks and see the results. After 2-3 tasks you will know their strengths and weakness. Moreover, working with your team will also help you know your team better.

Follow up on Assigned Tasks

The team is like a hubby, who has to be reminded of the household things that have to be bought. Although this theory doesn’t apply to 100% of your team members, the majority can fall under this category. Keep yourself updated with the latest progress in the tasks, in case the team member chooses the wrong approach you could jump in the initial phases and guide them through the correct way to approach the task.

Treat Every Employee the way they understand

3 years ago while working with the CEO of Nearbybazar, I had a small chat with him on how he takes the best out of his team, he replied with a smile “Every member is different, Treat them how they want to be treated” Every employee is different in attitude, mindset, way of working, culture, and productivity. There cannot be a universal law on how you should treat every single employee. Understand your team members and treat them the way that could get the best out of them. Some like challenges, make their tasks challenging while some of your top team members don’t like being asked for every moment, give them their own space.

Take Feedback and suggestions

Negativity kills! Do you know the secret of keeping a positive environment in your workplace? Reasonable transparency, open to feedback, and suggestions. Yes! Ask for feedback and suggestions. Asks for better Ways in of doing things from your team and inculcate this attitude in your team too after all who doesn’t like an environment where they could say what they feel without worrying about how others will react!

Motivating a team

A motivated team is like a fire. Use that fire to achieve targeted goals and vision. Appreciate even small progress with true feedback and suggestions. Appreciation is a proven way of motivating a team. Keep your team motivated by regular appreciations but don’t compliment them with fake appreciations. Don’t hesitate to point out weakness, tell them where they are doing wrong. Although this might have some effects on the motivation level of the team but fake appreciations doesn’t work in the long races even there are articles that will help you figure out the right ways to correct mistakes.

Lead by example

Be a leader, not a boss. Your work should equally be weighted as your words. Nobody respects a leader who just speaks. Setting the right example as a leader will help you earn respect moreover motivates your team to work harder for you.

Use Project Management Software

Leaders suggest 55% of revenue is lost due to unproductivity Instead, use Project Management software as Backlsh that would help you communicate your tasks and follow up on assigned tasks as fluently as a knife in a butter. Project Management software helps you and your team to stay organized and productive even from remote locations.

Give Team their own space to reflect

Everybody needs their own space. Imagine your team member asking for any one of those things.

May I come 30 minutes late?

I have a new way to do this task.

Could you please review it later after I have completed 4 steps in this task?

How often have you replied with no? Your top team members lay weightage on their own space and their importance. Try to give a positive reply to requests that are feasible, it will give a sense of belonging and importance to the team member thus playing a very important role in increasing productivity and ultimately achieving results.

Trust your Team

The team stays together in hard times due to trust and respect. People follow and respect you as a leader because they trust you. A team without trust is like a business without a vision. Make sure your team trust each other and stay together. Even if you pay them less but if you will trust your employees and give them importance, your team will achieve the best it can.

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