How to Increase Productivity in an Early Stage Startup?

Founders often ask me “Why isn’t my team productive instead of having great team bonding, friendship, skills, and every member is devoted to the company?”

Well, you can totally relate to this question if you have been working in a startup. Every startup team is different. They have their own strengths and weakness. Being a leader, it becomes quite hard to manage the team as every member needs to be treated differently and things become more sensitive when your cofounders share a personal bond.

After working and talking with many successful leaders who had been in the the same situation in their early days of the startup I concluded this whole thing into 6 basic rules.

A Healthy Working Environment

Comfortable furniture, air-conditioned office, gamify workplace, and lots of snacks to eat may create a lavish environment but a healthy working environment can only be created when every member of your team is connected and motivated to their work. A feeling of support always pushes people to give their best. Your leadership should inspire people to think and achieve the company’s vision. Your leadership should motivate people to sweat blood for the company’s growth. A lot depends on your leadership and the way you keep your working environment.

Proper Communication

When you communicate well with your team, it helps eliminate misunderstandings and can encourage a healthy and peaceful work environment. Open communication with your team will also let you get work done quickly and help you achieve results from your team. Appreciate people but be true, Don’t hesitate to correct your team member in a polite way. Keep a transparent environment that would help you in a long race.    

Try out

  • Open meetings.
  • Do one-to-one talk.
  • Be humorous while chatting,
  • Be attentive to what others say.


A person is judged by the results it produces! One of my CEO friends rightly said, “No matter what, the end result defines you.” Your team should be well aware of the responsibilities that they hold and must be ready to accept if they fail in any of the domains that are under their nose.

Let me be more specific with an example – Consider a CTO in your company that has 3 developers under him, if any of the developers fail to do his job due to any reason then the CTO should be accountable. I find accountability missing from various leaders in the early stage startups. Inculcate accountability in each of your team members and see them putting their sweat day and night in their work just to save themselves from the humiliation of being asked for the reason for their failure.

Out Of The Box Thinking Capabilities

No one can run a startup with a normal mindset, a startup needs something new, something innovative, something out of the box which can’t be done with a normal mindset. It is very difficult to start anything with zero and make it successful or even run at a constant pace. If you want something that no one has achieved then you have to do something that no one had done before.

Willingness To Learn

World’s greatest leaders have one common habit that is learning, they always learn to to try new things and develop their basic thinking skills to next level.

Knowledge is the best friend of a human, a friend who always pushes you to think the right way. Study the Greats, and then Practice. Spend more time Practicing Things. Learn by doing, Make It more meaningful for yourself and very important Teach What You Learn. Inspire your team to learn and practice. Believe me, if this process is done with consistency, you will amazing results in less than 45 days.

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